“Rasons nos cocos pour l’Onco” Challenge

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On May 8th, the BMP Hospital hall was full of supporters that wanted to cheer on the participants of the Challenge “Rasons nos cocos pour l’Onco”. This fundraising event raised a final amount of $24,170!

After seeing several friends and colleagues diagnosed with cancer, three BMP Hospital radiologists – Dr. Étienne Blain-Paré, Dr. Laurence Grand, Dr. Simon Robichaud – and the spouse of a patient treated at the hospital – Mr. Mario Dagenais – wanted to do their part for the cause. They decided to organize a challenge called “Rasons nos cocos pour l’Onco”. By shaving their heads, their objective was to recognize the extraordinary courage of cancer patients and the outstanding work done by the BMP Hospital Oncology Clinic staff.

Inspired and moved by the initiative, both the President, Mr. Mario Lagiomière, and the Executive Director, Ms. Lola Landes, of the BMP Foundation also participated.

Yesterday ten participants, including three children, shaved their heads: in addition to the people mentioned previously, Debbie Boright, Justin Boyer, Anaïs and Maverick Dagenais took part in the activity.

The funds raised will be dedicated to the upcoming relocation and reorganization of the BMP Hospital Oncology Clinic, especially to implement initiatives that improve the day to day well-being of patients undergoing treatments. The new facilities will provide more spacious rooms will offer users a calmer, warmer, and more relaxing environment conducive to recovery. In addition, it will enable staff to continue responding to the growing demand while simultaneously offering greater privacy and confidentiality to patients. The new clinic will open early 2018.

The BMP Foundation acknowledges the commitment and determination of the participants and sincerely thanks all those who supported them in this adventure.

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“I’ve felt the need to do this challenge as an act of solidarity for all my friends and colleagues who had and are fighting against this terrible disease. Also in support to the BMP Hospital Oncology team that does an extraordinary work every day.”
Dr. Laurence Grand, Radiologist

“By being close to cancer every day, I witness the good and terrible stories of young and older people. As a doctor, I am involved in all the steps from the diagnosis to the biopsies and the follow-ups. But it was important for me to be even more involved and demonstrate my support to the wonderful BMP Hospital Oncology team.”
Dr. Étienne Blain-Paré, Radiologist

“I’ve decided to participate in this challenge as an act of solidarity to all who have and had lived this difficult ordeal and also to acknowledge the amazing work of the BMP Hospital Oncology team does every day.”
Dr. Simon Robichaud, Radiologist

“I make this gesture in support to my spouse who is fighting cancer with courage and also for the whole BMP Hospital team that offers us extraordinary care and support. Thank you for the amazing care, the tremendous support, and all these smiles that help us go through this difficult time.”
Mr. Mario Dagenais, Spouse of a cancer fighter

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