Recognition Wall

Created in 1997, the Recognition Wall serves as a small way of saying thank you and of recognizing the ongoing commitment of our many faithful supporters. The Trees of Life symbolize the life and growth of our region, with our Hospital and its Foundation at the centre, supported by deeply entrenched roots throughout the community.

The Trees were established through the donation from Mr. Moe Levin.

Recognition is accorded to individuals, companies, or associations, based upon that individual or party’s cumulative contributions since 1989.



  • $1,000 to $4,999, a satin bronze leaf
  • $5,000 to $9,999 – a satin aluminum leaf
  • $10,000 to $24,999 – a satin brass leaf
  • $25,000 to $99,999 – a mirrored aluminum leaf
  • $100,000 and more – a mirrored brass leaf

The Trees are updated as needed, usually during the autumn months. Those interested should make the necessary arrangements by July 1st of each year.

For more information, please contact us at 450 266-5548 or