Generous brewers!


Martin Proulx and Nicolas Robillard, co-owners of the West Shefford Brewing Company, Edgar Hyperlodge restaurant-bar (92 Bromont boulevard, Bromont), and Pub Shefford (1562 Mont-Royal West avenue, Montreal), gave two checks to the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation, a total amount of $5,988. These funds are the fruit of two initiatives undertaken by these young entrepreneurs: the production of a new beer brewed especially for the Foundation and the organization of a fundraising golf tournament for our mission.

In June, West Shefford Brewing Company launched a new beer called “Garde-Malade” for the benefit of the BMP Foundation. For each barrel sold, the brewery gives a specific amount to the Foundation. Martin Proulx and Nicolas Robillard, respectively joined by their children, Zack and Charlie, presented a check in the amount of $2,988. These funds will help to finance the BMP Hospital Birthing Pavilion remodeling project. Two representatives of the Birthing Pavilion, Vicky Ouellet and Nathalie Turgeon, joined us to thank these generous entrepreneurs.

The first edition of the West Shefford Golf Tournament took place on September 7, 2016 in Château-Bromont Golf. The profits raised by the fundraising event were donated to two local organizations: Jeunesse en équilibre and the Fondation BMP. The amount of $3,000 was given to the BMP Hospital, specifically for the relocation and remodeling of the Oncology Clinic. The Foundation warmly thanks the organizers, golfers, and sponsors who participated to this first edition.

The BMP Foundation warmly thanks Éric Le François, Martin Proulx and Nicolas Robillard for their support. Their commitment to the BMP Hospital and more broadly to their community is admirable.