Construction progress of the BMP Foundation’s Major Projects

Patients and their loved ones will soon be able to enjoy the fully renovated rooms and care areas of the Outpatient Clinic and the Oncology Clinic. As for the Orthopedic Clinic, construction works for the relocation will take place in 2018 and welcome patients in 2019. The overall envelope for these projects totals $6 million, $4.5 million of which is given by the BMP Hospital Foundation.

1. Outpatient Surgery Clinic : opening in December 2017

The refitting of the Outpatient Surgery Clinic combines new areas for pre-and post-surgery consultations and new rooms specifically intended for minor and endoscopic procedures and interventions such as colonoscopies, colposcopies and gastroscopies.

Performing these important tests in the Outpatient Clinic will reduce the waiting time and increases the capacity in the operating theater for surgeries under general anesthesia.

2. Oncology Clinic : opening in January 2018

The entire clinic layout has been thought out to create an intimate feeling and to offer a comforting environment for patients and their relatives. The newly relocated and renovated clinic will offer areas that are more spacious, ergonomic and safe, in order to treat patients with confidentiality and in a calm, soothing and restful environment.

The new oncology clinic located in more spacious rooms will enable the BMP Hospital to respond to the growing demand with a noted 20.8% increase in the number of patients visits (including treatments) since 2015.

3. Orthopedic Clinic : start of construction spring 2018

The Orthopedic Clinic will be relocated to the ground floor of the hospital in 2019. It will be located near ancillary services such as medical imaging, which will then be more easily accessible to this client base with reduced mobility.