Launch of the Capital Campaign 2018-2022


The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its 2018 – 2022 Capital Campaign as well as its 25 years of existence. Friday morning, about 100 people were present to attend the official launch in the lobby of the BMP Hospital. Mrs Lola Landes, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation, thanked all those involved in the Foundation, past and present.

Mr. Mario Lagimonière, President of the BMP Foundation’s Board of Directors, was surrounded by the Campaign’s Co-Presidents when he announced a fundraising goal of $5 million over 5 years.

The 4 co-presidents of the Capital Campaign are Mrs Élaine Beaudoin, Mrs Catharie Béchamp, Mr Jeremy Fontana and Mr François Marziali. They took the floor to highlight the important teamwork that is required to achieve the objectives of this campaign.

The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital currently plays a front-line role for the community. In order to maintain this position, three major projects will benefit from the money raised through the 2018 – 2022 Capital Campaign:

Orthopedic Clinic

Our Orthopedic Clinic is recognized as a referral center for the treatment of secondary traumas related to typical regional activities like skiing and cycling, but it suffers from accessibility problems. The Hospital and the BMP Foundation plan to remedy this by relocating the clinic. This will also improve confidentiality and enable the medical team to work more efficiently.

Operating Theatre

In view of the growing needs of Brome-Missisquoi’s population, the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS and the BMP Foundation are planning a redevelopment of part of the surgical unit. The operating theatre at the BMP Hospital will include operating rooms equipped with the latest equipment, allowing medical and professional teams to perform surgical procedures in a environment that meets the best practices.

Purchase of equipment

It is important to maintain the BMP Hospital’s standards of excellence and its leading position in health. The BMP Foundation is committed to support promising projects and to acquire medical equipment that meets the Hospital’s current and future needs. Among these, the Foundation just approved the purchase of 16 new cardiac monitors for the Emergency Services of the BMP Hospital.

A unifying Capital Campaign

“For more than a year, with the help of about twenty members of the Cabinet, we have been working on the implementation of this campaign. We met with major donors to introduce them to the different projects for the hospital and worked very hard to get their support. We are very pleased to announce that we have already raised $2,868 457 – 57.4% of the goal!” said Élaine Beaudoin, Co-President of the Capital Campaign.

Many people are mobilizing for the Capital Campaign and the BMP Foundation wishes to underline the dynamism of all the volunteers who, over the coming months, will lend a hand in this major initiative by meeting donors and partners in the region.

In addition to the 4 co-presidents, the Capital Campaign will also benefit from the support of an Honorary Committee composed of Claire Beaudoin, Claire Léger and Pauline Quinlan as well as Arthur Fauteux and the late André Bourbeau.

The Campaign Cabinet also consists of three other Committees:
The External Mobilization Committee, which includes several influential people from the region, including Nadine Boire, Dominique-Ann Coffin, Madeleine Deragon and Marie Léveillé as well as Robert Cleary, Charles Crawford, Pierre Deragon, Mario Lagimonière, Patrick Meunier and Patrick Boucher.
The Internal Mobilization Committee, which is led by Mrs. Rosane Rivard (employees), Dr. Elizabeth Racine and Dr. Pierre Duval (Medicine).
The Next Generation Committee, which brings together tomorrow’s leaders, including Marie-Florence Crevier-Paradis, Ian-Alexandre Lavoie, Maxime Mathieu and Nicolas Robillard.

Check out the pictures of the event.

All you need to know about the Capital Campaign.

Thank you to our donors and to every single person who will participate and pledge to help us reach our goal.