The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new equipment for the BMP Hospital. With the support of the BMP Hospital Auxiliaries, the BMP Foundation helped to fund the replacement of the portable analog radiology device with a mobile digital radiology device. This state-of-the-art equipment allows the BMP Hospital to react faster than before when a patient arrives in critical condition. Of the total cost of the device of $134,000, $85,000 were contributed by the BMP Hospital Auxiliaries and the BMP Foundation.

A truly versatile equipment, this device makes it possible to bring the radiology system directly to the patient. The nursing staff receives an immediate and precise first diagnosis without having to move the patient, which can sometimes be very complicated depending on his condition. Radiologists can observe several parts of the human body with this device such as the lungs, the bones and the abdomen.

The mobile digital radiology device is used to provide a diagnostics for patients in multiple conditions: accident victims with fractures, where any movement could worsen their condition; patients intubated, in intensive care or under anaesthesia during surgery; patients under observation in the Emergency Department, allowing more efficient sorting; newborns in incubators or to observe the condition of patients leaving surgery.

Thanks to the accuracy of the images it produces and its speed of execution, the mobile digital radiology device can increase patient survival rates. The acquisition of this equipment will undoubtedly save many lives.

The Auxiliaries

The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkin Hospital Auxiliairy is an organization of volunteers that manage a small boutique in the main hall of the building, they have been doing so for many years. All kinds of goods are on sale at the boutique such as food, beverages, gifts and beauty and hygiene products. They also go around the hospital with a cart to sell their goods to patients in the waiting rooms. This organization works closely with the BMP Foundation by giving the boutique’s proceeds from the sale of goods. The funds are dedicated to the purchase of equipment, like here with the acquisition of the mobile digital radiology device.

The BMP Hospital Auxiliary are looking for volunteers who wish to give some of their time to help in the boutique in the BMP Hospital main hall. If you wish to help the BMP Hospital and you have some knowledge of handling sales and a cash register, please apply by forwarding your information by email to Mrs. Betty Ann Page, president, or come directly in person to the boutique.


From left to right : Mrs. Cynthia Clinton, Auxiliary; Mrs. Lola Landes, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation; Mrs. Betty Ann Page, President of the Auxiliary et Mrs. Stéphanie Davenport, chief technical assistant.