Small acquisitions, big impact

The BMP Foundation funds major renovations, but also small projects that have a significant impact on the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital. In the last few months, the BMP Foundation has financed these various acquisitions:

  • New Luikart forceps for the gynecology department. The gynecologists at the BMP Hospital were very happy to receive these adapted and remanufactured tools to maximize the comfort and benefits of its use for the doctor and mother during childbirth;
  • Wheelchairs, ergonomic equipment and specialized bed sheets were purchased for patients treated by the home care team;
  • Mobile monitors for Holter exams. The Holter monitor is a portable device that allows continuous digital recording of heart rate and rhythm (electrocardiogram) over a period of 24 or 48 hours. During this time, the patient can continue his activities;
  • A device to facilitate intubation for intensive care patients, the C-MAC. This device also provides training for residents in the intensive care unit because it is equipped with a screen;
  • A weighing scale on the floor for the Emergency Department’s triage. This scale offers the possibility of weighing the patient standing, sitting or in a wheelchair. Increasing the efficiency of triage, this balance also reduces the risk of medication preparation and administration errors to patients.

In addition to the equipment, the BMP Foundation also supports several training programs for health care personnel, including the training of internationally recognized lactation consultants for health care providers. Although large projects are more visible to the community, small projects are still essential and their impact is just as important.

Thank you to all donors for making this possible!

The C-MAC intubation device
Doctors Ouellet and Cadrin, gynecologists, happy with their new forceps.