Oktoberfest BMP raises $52,000!

The 4th edition of BMP Oktoberfest has been a success ! Not only did the places sell like hot pretzels in just one week, the 2019 event also raised a record $52,000 ! Thanks to the 450 participants who gathered at Chalet du Lac in Bromont, Montagne d’expériences to celebrate this authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest. Thanks also to our two honorary co-presidents who lent themselves to the game in their costumes : Dr. Michèle Lucey, Emergency Physician at the BMP Hospital and Mr. Louis Désourdy, president of Excavation Désourdy.


The Emergency Department, continiously improving.

This year, the amount raised during the BMP Oktoberfest will be invested in the purchase of new equipment for the Emergency Department. These acquisitions will provide a better service to patients in this department for the sake of continious improvment at BMP Hospital.

See the pictures of the event


Many thanks to our partners, sponsors and volunteers !

A fundraising event would not be possible without the implication and support of many partners, sponsors and volunteers. It is important to thank them from the bottom of our heart for their generosity, whether in money, gifts or given time. Thank you for supporting the BMP Foundation and our hospital, year after year. Thanks to you, we are able to bring real improvements to the BMP Hospital for the well-being of patients and employees.

the Foundation gratefully aknowledges all the volunteers without whom this event would not be possible. By attending a BMP Foundation event, they offer more than just their time. They allow the realization of beautiful projects and the acquisition of new equipment for the BMP Hospital. Thank you.


From left to right: Mario Lagimonière, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BMP Foundation; two honorary co-presidents for 2019 BMP Oktoberfest : Dr. Michèle Lucey, Emergency Physician at the BMP Hospital and Mr. Louis Désourdy, president of Excavation Désourdy; and Lola Landes, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation.


Thanks to the presenter of the event, major partners as well as all the event’s sponsors:



Thanks to the partners of our auction:


As well as to our partners in the prize draw:


Of course, our Oktoberfest would not have been successful without the best sauerkraut in Quebec ! Thanks to Marcel Picard from the Saucisson Vaudois for his delilcious culinary experience! The BMP Foundation would also like to thank the three microbreweries present at this edition as well as all the other partners in this delicious meal:


Thanks also to The Wanderers and DJ Dave Forest for a festive and Bavarian atmosphere throughout the evening.


See the pictures of the event