La Garde-Malade : a beer that continues to do good!

More than 3 years ago, Les Brasseurs de West Shefford and Edgar Hyperlodge crafted a beer for the BMP Foundation: La Garde-Malade!


Since then, all profits generated by the sale of this beer are donated directly to the Foundation to support projects at the Pavillon des Naissances.


Today, it is with great pleasure that we received a cheque for $3058 from the two coowners Martin Proulx and Nicolas Robillard. The amount raised so far as a result of this great initiative is $12,446.


The Foundation considers itself extremely fortunate to be able to count on such generous partners. We thank them very warmly for their great support and commitment to both the BMP Hospital and the community.


From left to right: Martin Proulx, co-owner Edgar Hyperlodge and Les Brasseurs de West Shefford; Lola Landes, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation and Nicolas Robillard, co-owner Edgar Hyperlodge and Les Brasseurs de West Shefford.