Tribute to Mr. Mario Lagimonière, ex-officio President

President of the Board of Directors of the BMP Hospital Foundation since 2013, Mario Lagimonière has taken on many challenges with the members of the BMP Foundation. The year 2019 marked the end of a five-year plan adopted in 2014 by the Foundation, the components of which were considered essential to the medium- and long-term survival of the care provided by the BMP Hospital to its population. As a result of this bold action plan, several projects were completed such as the new Oncology Clinic, the refurbishment of the Outpatient Clinic and the complete redevelopment of the Orthopedic Clinic. Mr. Lagimonière is always open to new projects to improve the BMP Hospital and has been able to provide the necessary assistance to ensure their successful completion, while supporting other initiatives and events that were brought to his attention. Always having a word of encouragement for our volunteers and medical staff, he leaves behind him the image of a President who was attentive, present and who had the well-being of all members of the BMP Hospital and its users at heart. By remaining ex-officio President, Mr. Lagimonière ensures a smooth transition of the new Executive Committee for the benefit of all.

The entire BMP Foundation team and the members of the Board of Directors would like to thank Mr. Lagimonière for his continued commitment over the years and for his unwavering support.