Achievements and acquisitions

The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation participates in improving the accessibility and quality of health care provided to the population of Brome-Missisquoi by contributing to the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and the implementation of projects for the continuous improvement of health care and related services. Thanks to your donations, the BMP Foundation works continually to support and improve the care and well-being to all residents of our region. We thank you for your faithful and continued support.

Here are some of our recents accomplishments and acquisitions:

  • Multitrac birthing chairs, new nursing chairs and pillows, Birthing Pavilion, $34,000 (2020)

The details of these acquisitions can be found in these two articles: An always better human approach at the Birthing Pavilion and Acquisition of MULTITRAC® – System for Active Birthing.

  • Acquisition of new equipment and accessories, Respiratory Therapy Department, $13,500 (2020)

Acquisition of new equipment that will facilitate the work of BMP’s respiratory therapists. All the details can be found in this article: A new wind in respiratory therapy thanks to an in memoriam donation.

  • Angio-Tomograph, Department of Ophthalmology, $10,000 (2020)

It is a specialized imaging device for the retina and the optic nerve. It will be used for the follow-up of our clients suffering from glaucoma and macular degeneration, which represents approximately 70% of the patients in ophthalmology. Read all about this acquisition here: A gift for the apple of your eye.

  • Renovated rooms, Birthing Pavilion: $240,000
  • Hysteroscope, Gynecology Department: $12,500
  • Renovated room, Medical Department: $5,000

“Our patients truly appreciate this room because it is welcoming and comforting: the lighting is soft, relaxing, and the photos embellish the room. Furthermore, since the intensity of the light can be changed, we can simulate natural daylight, thus creating a sense of time for the patient. This has a soothing effect for patients feeling anxious, confused or isolated.” – Stéphanie Langlois, nurse for the Department of Medecine

  • Colposcope. Gynecology Department: $43,000

“We are very grateful to the donors for making it possible to purchase equipment that facilitate our work and reduce the waiting time for an appointment. The donations allow us to examine a greater number of patients at the BMP Hospital.” – Louise Bissonnette, Chief of Peri-operative Services

  • Digital mammography machine, Breast Clinic: $470,000
  • Mobile digital C-Arm imaging scanner used during surgical and emergency care procedures: $185,000
  • PAC Vision, automated medication inspection unit: $163,000
  • Laryngoscope video machine, Operating room: $49,000
  • 2 orthopaedic motors, used in 95% of operations: $97,000
  • Improvements of the Emergency waiting room: $30,000
  • Recruiting and training program for graduating nursing students: $68,000