An always better human approach at the Birthing Pavilion

The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation wishes to recognize the contribution of Mr. Denis Émond, pharmacist-owner of the Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Farnham, in the recent acquisition of the BMP Hospital Birthing Pavilion. Thanks to the donations received through the 2018-2022 Fundraising Campaign, the BMP Foundation is proud to have been able to acquire two Multitrac ergonomic birthing chairs as well as the replacement of nursing chairs and cushions.

Involved in business since 1992, Mr. Émond has always been committed and concerned about his contribution to the community. Committed to many causes close to his heart, his support of the BMP Foundation has a very special meaning. For him and his wife, Mrs. Sylvie Tessier, it was only natural to make a significant gesture towards the Birthing Pavilion. It is in memory of their grandson Marc-Édouard Benjamin, born at the BMP Hospital and who left too soon, that they have decided to make this major gift of $25,000.

For Geneviève Émond, mother of the little Marc-Édouard, it was also important to get involved in this project. By supporting the training of the nursing staff at the Birthing Pavilion and by sharing her knowledge as a kinesiologist, Ms. Émond hopes to help staff and users to use the Multitrac chair’s to its full potential. This ergonomic birthing chair offers comfortable and recommended birthing positions for expectant mothers. While relieving pain in a natural way, the Multitrac also allows the partner to play an active role during childbirth.

Always in the spirit of humanizing practices at the BMP Hospital, the BMP Foundation wishes to contribute to the enhancement of the perinatal grieving ritual. As a collaborating user, Ms. Émond has also agreed to participate in the enhancement of the training which will be offered to professionals on how to approach perinatal grief. Through her experience, she will be able to provide concrete assistance to the Birthing Pavilion in order to better meet the needs of grieving parents.

The Multitrac

Introduced in the summer of 2020, the Multitrac is an innovative birthing chair for active birth and partner involvement during labor. This versatile device, already in use in Europe, allows a natural and safe delivery. In addition, it is known that active movements during active labor have several positive effects on childbirth, including pain reduction and reduced medical interventions.