Holiday Feast

In collaboration with the Domaine de l'Artisan and Mont Sutton.
Holiday Feast
Pick-up: Saturday, December 4, 2021
From 1pm to 4pm.
Holiday Feast: $80
Location: Domaine de l'Artisan (396, Chemin Hallé, Brigham, QC, J2K 4J5)
In collaboration with Domaine de l’Artisan, we are pleased to present our HOLIDAY FEAST! Order now your Feast to be picked up on Saturday December 4th at Domaine de l’Artisan in Brigham, between 1pm to 4pm. For companies who wish to offer a Holiday Feast to their employees, other pick-up and delivery options are available, contact the BMP Foundation at 450 266-5548. Reservations close December 1 at 6:00 pm.
Everything that takes time to prepare in your holiday meal is prepared in advance. It’s up to you to plan the side dishes according to your preferences!
In your HOLIDAY FEAST for 4 people, for $80 you will find :
  • One meat pie (9 inch.)
  • One pig feet stew (850gr.)
  • Turkey and stuffing (400 gr. of turkey + 400gr. of stuffing + 300ml. of gravy)
  • One maple syrop pie (9 inch.)
  • 8 buns
As an extra, you can order Michel’s home-made preparations from the Domaine de l’Artisan:
  • A jar of fruit ketchup
  • A jar of pickled beets
  • A jar of pickled cucumbers
  • A turkey pâté (850 gr.)
  • A vegetarian pâté (with vegetables) for 2 people
And always, our winter products with the BMP Foundation logo (perfect for the Christmas stocking!):
  • The BMP Beanie Hat
  • The BMP Fleece Blanket, available in moss or cappuccino.



Add 2 or 4 day tickets for Mont Sutton to your Holiday Feast and get 10% off the price of your snowboard tickets. A great deal to make the most of the Holiday Season!

To fill the foot of the tree, don’t forget to participate in our HOLIDAY AUCTION!

Thank you to our collaborators and sponsors.