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Many thanks to all our partners!

Thanks to your involvement, the Foundation and the BMP Hospital shine in our community. It is thanks to your continued support that we are able to carry out major projects and concretely improve the well-being of the people of Brome-Missisquoi. We are privileged to count on your support!

If you would also like to partner with the BMP Foundation, either as a sponsor of one of our events or as a partner in our Major Campaign, please contact us at Thank you!

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Partner Organizations

Auto Expo Cowansville
BMP Hospital Auxiliaries
Club de golf Knowlton
Lions Club of Cowansville, Farnham and Knowlton
Optimists Clubs Cowansville, Farnham, Knowlton and Yamaska Valley
Énergie Sud
La Soirée Champêtre
Légion Royale Canadienne Brome # 23 et Cowansville # 99
Loges Maçonniques Lac-Brome # 35 et Stanbridge East # 19