Campaign Committees and Cabinet

Many people are mobilizing for the Major Campaign and the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation wishes to highlight the dynamism of all the volunteers who, over the coming months, will be helping this major initiative by meeting donors and partners in the region. We are pleased to present to you here the various committees and the Cabinet that together contribute to make this Major Campaign a success!

Internal Campaign Committee – Medicine:

  • Dr. Philippe Demers
  • Dr. Marie-Pierre Dion
  • Dr. Pierre Duval
  • Dr. Rosaire Giroux
  • Dr. Gérard Huni
  • Dr. Étienne Leclerc
  • Dr. Elizabeth Racine

Internal Campaign Committee – Management:

  • Louise Bissonnette
  • Cindy Lagacé
  • Rosane Rivard

Next Generation Committee:

  • Marie-Florence Crevier Paradis
  • Ian-Alexandre Lavoie
  • Maxime Mathieu
  • Nicolas Robillard

Co-Chairs of the Campaign Cabinet

Élaine Beaudoin
Catharie Béchamp
Jeremy Fontana
François Marziali

Honorary Committee

Claire Beaudoin
Feu Monsieur André Bourbeau
Arthur Fauteux
Claire Léger
Pauline Quinlan

Campaign Committee - External Campaign Committee

Nadine Boire
Robert Cleary
Dominique-Ann Coffin
Charles Crawford
Madeleine Deragon
Pierre Deragon
Mario Lagimonière
Marie Léveillé
Patrick Meunier
Me Patrick Boucher
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