Capital Campaign 2018-2022

In 2022, the BMP Foundation completed its major fundraising campaign S’Élever-Rise 2018-2022.

Thanks to the dedication of every member of the Cabinet, we have exceeded the $5 million goal we set at the launch of this major mobilization to reach the incredible sum of $5,202,574 raised! We are proud to be part of a region committed to improving health care with 90% of donations received coming directly from Brome-Missisquoi. Thank you!

To know all the details of this Campaign, we invite you to consult the Campaign Report available below:

Recognition Board

Thank you to our donors and major partners for their participation in the Capital Campaign 2018-2022. Thanks to them and to everyone who is stepping up to the plate, we are pleased to announce that our goal of 5 million dollars has been exceeded! Thank you!

Donors and major partners

$250,000 and more

  • The Beaudoin Family
  • The Bergeron-Jetté Foundation
  • The J. Armand Bombardier Foundation
  • Ms. Gisèle and Mr. Émilien Bolduc
  • Brigitte and Jacques
  • The Pathy Family Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999

  • Ms. Claire Léger
  • Ms. Suzanne Streule and Mr. François R. Morin MD FRCP
  • Desjardins
  • The Lara Drummond Foundation
  • Ms. Margaret McClure and Mr. Clarence Hamilton (In Memoriam)

$50,000 to $99,999

  • The Marziali Family
  • The Sibylla Hesse Foundation
  • The Town of Cowansville
  • The Sylkanica Foundation
  • Ms. Jennifer and Mr. Leslie Jonas
  • Bromont, Montagne d’Expériences
  • Mr. Pierre Deragon and Ms. Madeleine Deragon

$25,000 to $49,999

  • Énergir
  • Gestion Guy St-Louis Inc.
  • Industries Pépin Ltée.
  • JAMP Pharma
  • The Denis Émond Pharmacy of Farnham
  • The Restaurant Subway Québec Ltée.
  • The Farnham Ambulances
  • Meunier Électrique and Fils inc.
  • Mr. Robert Cleary
  • Ms. Danielle Gagnon and Mr. Hubert Manseau
  • Ms. Dominique-Ann Coffin and Mr. Benoit Hamel
  • Ms. Jeannie and Mr. Brett Miller
  • Ms. Joanne Hébert and Mr. Luc Goyer
  • Ms. Karma and Mr. John Hallward
  • Ms. Marie and Mr. Jacques Léveillé (Placements JALFI Inc.)
  • Ms. Sophie Boucher and Mr. Louis Leblanc
  • Ms. Susan Reid and Mr. Charles Crawford

$10,000 to $24,999

  • 9112-8942 Québec Inc. (Claude David)
  • The Raymond-Roberge Family
  • The Maryse Lorrain Inc. Pharmacy
  • The Town of Bromont
  • The Town of Lac Brome
  • LB Avocats Inc.
  • The BMP Hospital employees
  • Métro Plouffe Bromont
  • Mr. Arthur Fauteux
  • Mr. Merrill Boucher
  • Mr. Philippe Meunier and Ms. Mélanie Boudreau
  • Ms. Anita and Mr. André Bissonnette
  • Ms. Charlotte A. Davies
  • Ms. Edith Gaudreau and Mr. René Perreault
  • Ms. France Giroux and Mr. Mario Lagimonière
  • Ms. Geneviève Aucoin and Mr. Pierre Caron
  • Ms. Sheila and Mr. Paul Martin
  • Pompex Inc.
  • Transforce Beltal
  • The KCMN Velan Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

  • Bourque Métal
  • Dr. Adrien Parissier
  • Dr. Bertrand Chabot and Dr. Josée Gauthier
  • Dr. and Ms. Robert S. Pincott
  • Dr. Étienne Blain Paré
  • Dr. Étienne Leclerc
  • Dr. Félix Munger
  • Dr. Jacques Laplante
  • Dr. Rosaire Giroux
  • Dr. Pierre Duval
  • Dr. Catherine Bouthillier
  • Dr. Christine Cadrin
  • Dr. Dominique Désy
  • Dr. Élizabeth Racine
  • Dr. Isabelle Jolin
  • Dr. Jennifer Nguyen
  • Dr. Judith Gagné
  • Dr. Justine Ouellet
  • Dr. Louise Galipeau
  • Dr. Maryse Nadeau
  • Dr. Vincent Ballivy
  • The Bourbeau Foundation
  • The Municipality of Potton
  • Mr. Bernard Le Blanc
  • Mr. Douglas Johnston
  • Mr. Yvan Malouin
  • Migué & Fournier A-G Inc.
  • Ms. Anne and Mr. Pierre Paradis
  • Ms. Danièle Mayer and Mr. Jean Charest
  • Ms. Danielle Beliveau
  • Ms. Élaine Francis
  • Ms. Isabelle Jacques and Mr. Jean Bernier
  • Ms. Karen and Mr. Hardy Craft
  • Ms. Lola Landes
  • Ms. Lydia and Mr. Pander Ayles
  • Ms. Mylène Guertin and Mr. Armand Des Rosiers
  • Ms. Nathalie Dion
  • Ms. Patricia and Mr. Paul Meunier
  • Ms. Pauline and Mr. Patrick Quinlan
  • Ms. Paule Des Rosiers and Mr. Robin Côté
  • Pharmascience
  • The Maple Neath Farm

Major events

The Foundation also thanks the organizers of the following fundraising activities which added significantly to the success of this campaign:

  • Auto Expo Cowansville
  • Bouge BMP Move
  • Brunch BMP
  • The BMP Classique
  • La Garde-Malade (Brasseurs West Shefford)
  • Oktoberfest BMP
  • The Walk to Fight Women’s Cancers (Yamaska Valley Optimist Club)
  • William J. Barakett Memorial Tournament (Knowlton Golf Club)
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