George Bristol Award

In 2016, the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation established an important recognition program for volunteers called the George Bristol Award for Volunteering Excellence.

George James Bristol (1926 – 2015) was a dedicated friend and supporter of the BMP Foundation. In 1988, Mr. Bristol, municipal Councillor for the West Brome District of the Town of Brome Lake at that time, organised a benefit dinner for the BMP Hospital. This spaghetti dinner would become an annual fundraising event. Over the years, the activity took different formulas from the Mayors Brunch & Dinner, to the BMP Hospital Brunch & Roast Beef Dinner, and more recently the BMP Brunch.

The George Bristol Award for Volunteering Excellence aims to develop, sustain, and appropriately recognize outstanding volunteerism in support of the BMP Hospital and Foundation. This award will be given on an annual basis to one or more individuals who have displayed a longstanding and exceptional involvement.

The vitality, strength, and sustainability of the BMP Foundation lie in the active and continuous participation of volunteers.


The 2020 George Bristol Award was presented to Ms. Cynthia Clinton.

Cynthia Clinton has been in charge of the BMP Hospital Auxiliary Boutique for many years and has been a volunteer with the BMP Foundation since 1993. The BMP Foundation wished to recognize her ongoing commitment to helping her hospital and her loved ones.





The 2019 George Bristol award was given to Dr. William J. Barakett.

A Co-Founding Member of the BMP Foundation, he was its Vice-President and President from 1989 to 2001. He has raised millions of dollars to improve health care services through fundraising and philanthropy.

His 46-years practice in family medicine has been exemplary, not only for his complete devotion to his patients but also for his involvement in all levels of Medecine in the province of Quebec. Deeply concerned about the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities, he is President of the Butters Foundation, which raises funds to provide them with services and housing in the region. He is also respected for his expertise in the treatment of addictions.

Dr. Barakett is a model of dedication and attention to young general practitioners.

For health reasons, Dr. Barakett was unable to attend the 2019 Brunch but his daughter, Élise Barakett, came to receive the award on his behalf.


The 2018 George Bristol award was given to Barbara Ash.

Auxiliary nurse by profession, she worked at the BMP Hospital for 20 years. Today, she passes on her expertise and knowledge as a teacher at the CRIF. Involved since 1992 at the BMP Hospital even before the BMP Foundation was created in 1993, she participated as a volunteer in numerous events including the Bike-a-thon, Golf tournament, Ski Owls Head, Grand Ball and Oktoberfest.



The 2017 George Bristol award was given to three volunteers for their sincere commitment and continued support to the Foundation.

  • Patricia Gilbert for her work as an administrative support volunteer for the past 20 years
  • Charles Fournier as a Bike-O-Thon’s advocate and pledge champion
  • Dr. Robert Pincott as a Bike-O-Thon’s advocate and pledge champion , BMP-Heritage Museum’s curator,School Visits guide, and more


The 2016 George Bristol recognition was awarded to a group of volunteers for their extraordinary work as sellers for the BMP Car Draw.

  • Helen Davis
  • Keith Enright
  • James Fulford
  • Claire Noiseux
  • Guy Noiseux
  • Linda Patten
  • Danielle Rancourt (1940 – 2016)