A gourmet spring for the BMP Foundation

Spring was a time of celebration for the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation. After a Sweet BMP with sugar shack meals to go, the BMP Brunch was back at the Auberge West Brome on Sunday April 23rd, 2023. These two events raised a total of $30 215 in profits! Thank you to all participants, donors, sponsors, and collaborators!

A shared project

This year, all funds raised at our events will be used to help fund two decentralized automated pharmacy cabinets at the BMP Hospital. This project complements an initiative launched by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2013. To secure the storage and administration of medications on critical and high-volume care units, decentralized automated cabinets have been installed in several BMP Hospital departments.

The BMP Foundation wishes to continue to secure pharmaceutical products in two other departments that have a high use of identified hazardous drugs and narcotics: the Birthing Pavilion and the Operating Room. The acquisition of these two decentralized automated cabinets and the training of staff in the use of this new equipment represents a total investment of $171,000. Thanks to the money raised at My Sweet BMP and the BMP Brunch, the BMP Foundation is one step closer to acquiring these two decentralized automated cabinets.

A highly anticipated BMP Brunch!

After a three-year absence, we were pleased to see that everyone was back in force for the two services of the BMP Brunch! Thanks to the raffle held at each service, the sponsors and the 321 participants, the final profit of this fundraising event reached $28,000. Thank you once again to all the participants, sponsors, and raffle partners. We were able to offer 25 great prizes at each service! Thank you also to the Auberge West Brome for welcoming us warmly with an outstanding service and a generous and delicious cuisine.

Recognizing the volunteer commitment of Mr. François Riendeau

The BMP Brunch is also an occasion for the BMP Foundation to present the 2023 George Bristol Volunteer Award. The purpose of this award is to promote, develop and recognize the exceptional and sustained commitment of men and women who are committed to the well-being of the BMP Foundation and BMP Hospital community.

This year’s George Bristol Award will be presented to Mr. François Riendeau, a volunteer member of the BMP Scholarship Jury since the establishment of the scholarships in 2002. A former principal, Mr. Riendeau is involved on an annual basis in the review of candidates for the BMP Cegep Scholarships and the Effie Margaret Côté University Scholarships. Always curious during interviews, he loves to discuss and discover the motivations of these passionate young people! It is with great pleasure that he has devoted his time for over 20 years to complete the process of selecting and choosing the candidates.

With this George Bristol Volunteer Award, the BMP Foundation wishes to formally thank him for his time and passion. On behalf of the young people, the next generation of healthcare providers in Brome-Missisquoi, thank you Mr. Riendeau!

An Event Supported by its Community.

The BMP Foundation would like to thank everyone involved in making the BMP 2023 Brunch a success, especially the Knowlton Lions Club and the Auberge West Brome. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time to ensure an impeccable service and an enjoyable experience for all participants. Thank you for their presence and involvement to Mrs. Isabelle Charest, Deputy of Brome-Missisquoi and Minister responsible for Sport, Recreation and Outdoors, Mrs. Sylvie Beauregard, Mayor of Cowansville, Mr. Robert Benoît, Mayor of Sutton, Mr. Louis Villeneuve, Mayor of Bromont as well as Mr. Richard Burcombe, Mayor of Lac Brome. Thank you to our sponsors: Desjardins, the National Assembly of Quebec, the Knowlton Lions Club, Chasco Inc, Familiprix Brome Lake, the Brown-Cournoyer team of REMAX-Quebec, the Brome Lake Dental Health Clinic. Finally, thank you to the Abercorn Bakery and La Mie Bretonne Bakery for providing the bread and croissants. Thank you to Les Fumoirs Gosselin for the smoked bacon and thank you to la Boucherie Soucy for the breakfast sausages! It was a delight!

Finally, we would like to thank all the businesses for their donations for the draw: Arselia, Au Coeur des Saisons, Avon, Brome Bird Care, Brome Lake Books, Camlen, Centre Belléza Del Sol, Cineplex Odeon, Domaine Girouard, Domaine Jolivent, F.G. Edwards, Fleurs et Smoothies, Fromagerie Missiska, Gym Athletica, Harfang des neiges, Il Gato, Indigo, La Ferme Verte, La Knowlton Co, Le Jasmin, Le Loom, Le Pleasant, Le Sillon, Lebel Objet Antiquité, Léon Courville Winery, Sutton Brouërie, Maryse Chartrand – Artist Painter, Mollie’s Dinette, Nath’Elle, On va s’aimer encore, the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton, Pizzeria 139, RONA, Sanders Pinault – Painter, les rotisseries St-Hubert, Solstice Sauna, Susan Pepler – Painter, Tite Frette, Theatre Lac-Brome, Verveine and Windrush.

Getting Sweet for the BMP Foundation

In March, maple syrup lovers were treated to the My Sweet BMP Sugar Shack event. Organized in collaboration with the Domaine de l’Artisan, participants enjoyed a feast to benefit the BMP Foundation. With 80 meals sold, the BMP Foundation is pleased to announce that it raised $2,215 in proceeds! Thank you!

The BMP Foundation would like to thank Michel Thibodeau and the entire team at Le Domaine de l’Artisan for their continued support of our Foundation and the La Pommeraie Health System.

In the photo from left to right: Ms. Isabelle Charest, Deputy for Brome-Missisquoi and Minister responsible for Sport, Recreation and the Outdoors; Mr. Francis Laramée, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation; Mr. Patrick Boucher, Chair of the Board of Directors of the BMP Foundation; and Mr. François Riendeau, winner of the 2023 George Bristol Award for Volunteer Achievement.

Discover the beautiful pictures of this day taken by the photographer Danny Landry:

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