A Holiday Season of Generosity!

The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that its two holiday events were a success! The Holiday Feast and the Holiday Auction raised a combined total of $25,000! Thank you to all the participants of both activities!

Over one hundred participants!

More than 300 Holiday Feasts were prepared by the Domaine de l’Artisan! Businesses and individuals alike came out to support the BMP Foundation while making the holiday meal easier! They came to pick up their meal on Saturday, December 4th in a warm and efficient drive-through despite the beautiful snow that was falling. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants as well as to the sponsors of this event: Desjardins, Mont Sutton, Eurovia DJL, Placements Jalfi and Uniprix Mailly et Nguyen of Cowansville. Thank you also to the volunteers present at the distribution of the feasts! Finally, a special thank you to Michel Thibodeau and his team at Domaine de l’Artisan for their work and great generosity.

An active auction!

Launched on November 8th, the Holiday Auction ended on Monday, December 6th at noon. 60 participants bid on one (or more) of the 57 prizes offered. Some participants fought until the last minute to win their prize! Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the contributors to our Holiday Auction: Galerie Artêria, Le Diable Vert, Brome Bird Care, Bromont, Montagne d’expériences, Domaine Château Bromont, Doyle, Brasserie Dunham, GNR Corbus, Ridge Vineyard, L’Étrier Restaurant, LCC Vins et Spiritueux, ONEKA, Gamer Zone Cowansville, LB Avocats, Nala Photographie, Rotoplast, Ungava Spirits, Boutique des Auxiliaires de l’Hôpital BMP, Dr. Pincott, Mont Sutton, and the West Shefford Brewers.

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