A Thank You in songs

Thursday night was the Party with BMP show at the Théâtre des Tournesols in Cowansville to benefit the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation. The show was distributed in a hybrid format, with spectators having the option of purchasing a virtual ticket or an in-theatre ticket.

Thanking BMP Hospital Employees

Party with BMP was also an opportunity to recognize the extraordinary work of the employees of the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital. The BMP Foundation decided to offer a virtual ticket to every employee who requested one. As the show remains available for 7 days following the event, employees have the opportunity to enjoy this moment of relaxation whenever and wherever they want.

For the BMP Foundation team, it was important to take this opportunity to thank the employees of the BMP Hospital. Despite the difficult conditions under which they work, the quality of care offered at the hospital remains exceptional. Thank you to them for going to work every day putting the well-being of our community first. Thank you for taking care of all of us.

Tribute to a committed volunteer

Traditionally presented at the BMP Brunch since 2016, the George Bristol Volunteer Commitment Award is designed to promote and recognize the outstanding dedication of men and women who are committed to the well-being of the BMP Foundation and Hospital community. This year, the George Bristol Award was presented at Party with BMP to an active member of the BMP Foundation. He has been involved for the past 7 years as President of the Board of the BMP Foundation and continues to act as President Ex-Officio on the BMP Foundation Board of Directors: Mr. Mario Lagimonière.

Thanks to his involvement in the last two Major Campaigns, real achievements have been made such as the establishment of the outpatient surgical clinic, the reorganization of the oncology clinic into new premises and the expansion of the orthopedic clinic.

Pictured with the cheque are, from left to right: Justine Boutin, Communications, Programming and Show Manager at the Théâtre des Tournesols; Francis Laramée, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation; Patrick Boucher, President of the BMP Foundation Board of Directors; and Robert Goyette, owner of the Théâtre des Tournesols.

Pictures credit: Danny Landry Photographer

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