Acquisition of Chronos Unit

What more could we ask for? To become eco-responsible and safe for our users and employees! Thanks to a $40,000 investment by the BMP Hospital Auxiliary, the BMP Foundation was able to acquire a Chronos machine for the Sterilization Department. The BMP Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the Eastern Townships to have this high-quality machine.

The Anti germix® AE1 is an ecological and rapid disinfection system used by the sterilization team for high-level disinfection of transesophageal ultrasound probes.

This device eliminates the risks associated with handling a disinfectant solution. Its acquisition has a positive impact on the working conditions of BMP Hospital employees, and improves the quality and safety of the process. As well as extending probe life, the Anti germix® AE1 system also saves time, enabling greater productivity.

“Thanks to this investment and acquisition, I’m very proud to have improved the safety and working environment of my team, as well as that of users and our beautiful planet Earth. With this device, we have stopped using large quantities of disinfectant solution that had to be manually poured down our sinks. My team and I are very happy to contribute to sustainable development by reducing our waste, as this unit requires no consumables. What’s more, thanks to the speed of this device, my employees are also helping to improve access to healthcare. Thank you to the BMP Foundation!” explains Rénatanne Viens, Department Manager, Medical Devices Reprocessing Unit.

In the photo: Jade Mérineau, Lisa-Marie Laflamme and Katerine Lacasse, Medical Device Reprocessing/Sterilization Operators and Francis Laramée, General Manager of the BMP Foundation.
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