Every fall, the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club organizes the Walk to fight all cancers to benefit the BMP Foundation. Thanks to the money raised during the 2022 edition, 10 vital signs monitors were acquired and are now installed at the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital.

The vital signs monitors are an important addition to the hospital’s ability to monitor the health of patients undergoing treatment in the Oncology Department, and to react quickly in the event of an emergency. Mounted on the walls next to each treatment chair, they are easily accessible to the nursing staff.

Francis Laramée, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation; Linda Martin, Sandra Hall, Lucy Davis, Louise Gélinas, Janet Gibbons of the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club

The Walk to fight all cancers has been organized since 2003 by members of the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club, an all-women’s club assisted on the day of the event by some 80 volunteers from the community. Since the event’s inception, close to $1,250,000 has been raised in donations and used to provide cancer patients with modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

The RLS de la Pommeraie, which includes the BMP Hospital, CLSCs and GMF-U, was visited last February by external evaluators from the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and met the requirements set by the World Health Organization and Unicef for the Baby-Friendly certification. 

The Baby-Friendly initiative sets international standards for quality of care, parental guidance and the marketing of breast-milk substitutes. Recognized Baby-Friendly establishments provide parents with evidence-based information on infant nutrition and health.

The BMP Hospital has thus obtained its 5th certification, a status it has proudly held for 25 years, having been the first hospital in Canada to be certified in 1999. Today, 20,000 hospitals around the world are Baby-Friendly certified. The hospital also boasts a breastfeeding rate of 81%, exceeding the standard of 75%. CLSCs in la Pommeraie have also been certified for 20 years, and we are delighted that the GMF-U la Pommeraie has been able to meet the quality criteria to offer optimal conditions for families.

The BMP Foundation would like to congratulate all the staff who works so hard to maintain a high standard for the families of our region! 

Between June 26 and July 4, the comité reconnaissance de la coordination opérationnelle local (COL) from RLS de la Pommeraie and the BMP Foundation organized a sundae tour for RLS employees, managers and doctors. With the summer season beginning, this little gesture was a way of saying THANK YOU for the work they do every day!

Over 1,400 employees enjoyed an ice cream treat at the 2nd edition of this recognition activity. The BMP Foundation offered the dessert to employees of the BMP Hospital and CHSLDs in Cowansville, Sutton, Bedford and Farnham, which are part of the réseau local de services (RLS) de la Pommeraie.

The recognition activity was organized in collaboration with Maître Glacier Bromont and the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Estrie – Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CIUSSE – CHUS), and was made possible by the Fondation Les Foyers Farnham (CHSLD), the Fondation Lévesque-Craighead (CHSLD Bedford) and the BMP Hospital Foundation.

It is with great pride that the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation is redistributing most of the donations raised through its fundraising activities in 2023 through various projects in our beautiful region. We are pleased to share with you our annual report tabled at our last Annual General Meeting, held on June 19. You will find the most recent annual report here: https://fondationbmp.ca/en/ratio-of-administrative-costs/.

Donors made a significant contribution to improving healthcare at the BMP Hospital by allowing us to make a total investment of over $614,000 in 2023. This sum went largely toward the purchase of 16 colonoscopes (outpatient clinics), totalling $285,866 to improve colorectal cancer detection. Other purchases were made thanks to the same investment: $160,747 for a Laser Thulium (urology interventions) and $3,871 in the MEDESYNC computer system (urology file management). Also noteworthy are equipment for CLSC consultations, a portable ultrasound machine and a syringe pump (automated drug administration).

Improvement projects and compassions realized

A generous contribution of over $43,000 invested in the Leisure Fund for the elderly enabled residents of CHSLDs in Cowansville, Bedford, and Sutton, as well as BMP Hospital living unit, to benefit from recreational activities such as zootherapy, music, Zumba and much more! An exceptional impact to counter isolation and loneliness.

New responsibilities for the BMP Foundation, a commitment from the heart!

In 2023, the BMP Foundation was honoured and privileged to join forces with two great friends of health in Brome-Missisquoi: the Boutique des Auxiliaires de l’Hôpital BMP and the Fondation du Centre d’accueil de Cowansville. Together, we hope to bring the Boutique and its activities into a modern era. Already, a computerized cash register has been installed and a new brand image has been created for the Boutique.

Nicole Arbour (in the middle), volunteer manager of the Hospital Auxiliary Boutique, now sits on the Board of Directors of the BMP Foundation, ensuring effective communication and unification.

Volunteers and a team invested in our mission

These achievements are made possible exclusively through the contributions of our donors, sponsors and collaborators. We are also extremely grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers for their support and hard work throughout the year.

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