In Memory of Wilson B. McLean

It is with the most profound sadness that we learned of the passing of dear Mr. Wilson B. McLean on March 15.

Mr. McLean has done so much for our hospital over the years. From being a Board member to his constant contributions, and the extraordinary donation of one million dollars he arranged through the Zeller Family Foundation, in 2007, which allowed the construction of an important wing at the BMP Hospital, the McLean-Zeller Foundation.

This gift was dedicated specifically to improve the working environment and care within the hospital. The project, clearly defined and developed in collaboration with hospital employees, was approved by Mr. and Mrs. McLean.

The project had three distinct components. Firstly, approximately $250,000 to $300,000 was allocated to redesign the nurses’ stations in the medical, surgical, and intensive care units of the BMP Hospital. They were made more functional and up to date. An additional $100,000 was spent on new equipment to complement these improvements. The remainder was used to build an annexe next to the medical unit which includes a much-needed lounge for patients and their families, as well as a work area for employees and a class room for professional education.

The Executive Director of the CSSS La Pommeraie at the time, Ms. Diane Daigle, enthusiastically explained: “The magnitude of this donation is doubly exciting! Firstly, by allowing us to carry out a consultation with our workers directly involved in patient care on the care units, and secondly, by investing this exceptional amount of money where the employees have identified the most pressing needs for improvement in their work and care environment. All of us who work in this hospital environment see the potential for improvement that is often overlooked in the absence of appropriate funding. This exceptional gift has allowed us to listen more to people, to give them the opportunity to express themselves and through this exercise, employees have not hesitated to take ownership of the project. We know that our strength is our people. By investing in our staff and their work and care environment, we are encouraging a positive impact on the quality of service to the people of our region.”

We remember Mr. McLean as someone who lent a hand, whenever necessary, who always made sure that everyone was accounted for, and was always asking what else could be done.

We will miss him, his kindness, his deep love of the community. Rarely does one meet such a gentleman.

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