Introducing the BMP 2022 scholarship winners!

All BMP scholarships for the year 2022 have been awarded! The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation was pleased to see that students continue to be motivated and involved in our community, while at the same time having the desire to improve health care systems in Brome-Missisquoi. The BMP Foundation offers several scholarships for students in the region, totalling an amount of $26,000 in scholarships per year.

To select the winners of the BMP Scholarships and of the Margaret Côté Effie Scholarship, we have created a selection committee which includes Mr. François Riendeau, former Director of Schools, Ms. Julie Coderre, pharmacist-owner and Vice-Chair of the BMP Foundation Board of Directors, and Mr. Francis Laramée, Executive Director of the BMP Foundation.

Each year, the BMP Foundation also supports local high schools in awarding $1,000 scholarships for excellence to students who wish to continue their studies in the field of health. These students from the Massey-Vanier English and French schools in Cowansville, Jean-Jacques Bertrand in Farnham, and Wilfrid-Léger in Waterloo are selected by their schools.

BMP 2022 Scholarships

The BMP Scholarship – Health Care is open to graduating students from Brome-Missisquoi high schools who are pursuing studies in health care. The BMP Scholarship – Nursing targets future nursing students only and encourages young people to get involved in this environment that is currently in need of workers. Both scholarships offer $6,000, spread over the students’ college journey.

This year, three scholarships were awarded to future Cégep students. The BMP Scholarship – Nursing was awarded to Charlotte Hivon. The committee was impressed with her commitment to supporting her fellow students and her strong motivation.

For her extensive involvement in community projects, the BMP Scholarship – Health Care was awarded to Charlie Lottinville.

Finally, there are times when we come across a unique candidate whose talent we wish to recognize. In this case, we offer a BMP Scholarship – Coup de Coeur of a one-time amount of $1,000. For her personal story and what she decided to do with it by getting involved with the Terry Fox Committee, the BMP Scholarship – Coup de Coeur was offered to Mia Tétreault.

Effie Margaret Côté Scholarship 2022

The Effie Margaret Côté Scholarship provides $10,000 to a current nursing student or health care worker who chooses to continue their education at the university level.

This year, the BMP Foundation is pleased to wish Mrs. Effie Margaret Côté a wonderful 100th birthday! A long-time volunteer, Mrs. Côté has been involved with the BMP Hospital for over 30 years. Passionate and dedicated to her community, she inspired this scholarship in honour of her ongoing support of the BMP Hospital. Throughout her life, Mrs. Côté has dedicated herself to volunteer work.

There were 8 amazing nominations to choose from. Ms. Côté’s values and passion for helping and alleviating the pain of others were highlighted in the selection of the recipient. The 2022 Effie Margaret Coté Scholarship goes to Élodie Couture. An outstanding student, she received the BMP – Nursing Scholarship in 2019. Wishing to continue her studies at the university level, Élodie applied for our university scholarship. Her good humor and professionalism won over the selection committee.

Congratulations to all the BMP scholarship winners!

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