When doctors go beyond the call of duty

To celebrate World Kindness Day which took place on Sunday, the BMP Foundation wanted to take the time to recognize employees who care for our community by going beyond the call of duty. Indeed, the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital has several physicians who go above and beyond in their commitment to improving health care in their region. Thank you to all these outstanding physicians and employees.

A Talented Pianist

Dr. Mathieu Gaudet, Emergency Room physician and passionate pianist, has performed on December 4th , 2022 at Theatre Lac-Brome for the benefit of the BMP Foundation. Dr. Gaudet has been pursuing a remarkable career as a soloist, chamber musician and conductor for the past twenty years in addition to his work as an Emergency Physician at the BMP Hospital. Recognized by his peers, his first album “Le premier romantique” was nominated for Best Classical Solo or Small Ensemble Album at the 2020 ADISQ Gala while his third album “La force du destin” was nominated for the 2021 ADISQ Gala.

A training for our doctors

Thanks to the initiative of Dr. Jean-Philippe Garant, Emergency Physician at the BMP Hospital, Brome-Missisquoi physicians had access to high quality training directly in their region while supporting the BMP Foundation. During this intensive ultrasound training at the Emergency Department, physicians had the opportunity to pursue their continuing education and become certified to the highest Canadian standards. This training is a key element in enabling our local doctors to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of patients, particularly in trauma departments. All proceeds from this training will be donated to the BMP Foundation.

A training specifically for BMP nurses was also held on Thursday, December 1st, 2022. This 4-hour training on EPVA (Echo-guided Peripheral Venous Access) was offered at an affordable cost to improve the quality of care offered and the care of patients.

An Elder-Friendly Emergency Department

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Michèle Lucey, our Emergency Department is the second in Quebec to obtain the ACEP certification, Friend of the Elderly. This worldwide recognition attests to the excellence of the services offered to seniors. From emergency physicians to clinical staff and multidisciplinary services, everyone is trained in best practices in geriatric emergency care. In addition, expert professionals and specialized equipment for the elderly are available. “The American College of Emergency Physicians’ Elderly Friendly Bronze certification assures us that a senior, from the time he or she enters the emergency room to the time he or she returns home, will receive service tailored to his or her needs by professionals trained in his or her condition,” explains Dr. Michèle Lucey. “Obtaining this prestigious recognition is the result of more than 18 months of work. This is quite a challenge during a pandemic. (…) We want the BMP Hospital Emergency Department to serve as a model for implementing the geriatric approach in Quebec’s emergency departments,” concludes Dr. Lucey.

Concerts for residents

Before the pandemic forced her to put her initiative on hold, Dr. Karen Iny, an emergency room physician and musician, organized free concerts in the hospital lobby for the enjoyment of BMP residents. These timeless moments were greatly appreciated by our residents, who did not hesitate to sing along or dance a few steps.

Physicians on the Board

Beyond these one-time involvements, several physicians are also directly involved with the BMP Foundation Board of Directors: Dr. Élizabeth Racine, a retired family physician, has been a member of the Board for many years, Dr. Gérard Huni, anaesthesiologist, and Mathieu Giroux, nurse, have both committed to the Foundation in 2021, while Dr. Félix Munger, an orthopedist, signed on at the last BMP Foundation Annual General Meeting.

The BMP Foundation would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of these inspiring people who are committed to improving health care in Brome-Missisquoi! Thank you to all of them for going above and beyond the call of duty at the BMP Hospital!

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